Affiliated To CBSE New Delhi upto Class XII th

(Science & Commerce Stream)

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To achieve desired goals of curriculum conductive techniques in teaching are adopted and proper activities are organized for students to learning interesting. In order to make the teaching learning-process more meaningful and enjoyable, the teachers follow the activity (demonstration, role play, experimentation etc.) based techniques in the classrooms which:

  • Encourage interest for learning in the class and also work independently.
  • Help the students to develop the power of observation, reasoning, imagination and independent judgement.
  • Provide learning opportunities to meet the individual students.
  • Help students to develop competence and self-discipline.
  • Provide an atmosphere for creative expression.
  • The teaching techniques are child centered.
  • Where in the capabilities and potentialities of the children are taken into consideration.
    Emphasis is laid on making the child understand and absorb the knowledge imparted rather than learning by rote method.
  • For the implementation of above mentioned techniques workshops for teachers are the regular activities
  • We also keep class teachers periods to have significant activities like: News- paper reading followed by English conversation.
  • Test on every Saturday.
  • Weekly news and checking of the performances. We explain the thought for the day.

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