Affiliated To CBSE New Delhi upto Class XII th

(Science & Commerce Stream)

01976 255146, 9816808990

Principal's Message

Manoj Sharma

Ph:- ( 94591-69362 )

Education is not the worlds in a book but it is how to lead the world

It is indeed a unique opportunity for me to communicate to you and I intend a very warm welcome to those of you who one eager to come into our fold. Every creation is a self-portrait of the person who created it. Needless to say that Dhauladhar N.D. Sr. Sec. School is a class of its own and a 'self-portrait of excellence in Education'.

Dhauladhar N.D. Sr. Sec. School has been in the field of education since 2012 and our insatiable thirst for achieving excellence in education has taken us to greater heights of glory. I feel elated that in recognition of our excellence in education, we have been awarded with many prestigious awards from different walks of life

As you are aware, education bestows man with knowledge and reason, makes the mind creative and provides opportunity to understand the world better and guides one in the right path. Globalization and increasing diversity in man's needs generate enhanced demands for competitive skill and Dhauladhar N.D. Sr. Sec. School provides the platform that fulfils such needs of the students.

Dhauladhar N.D. Sr. Sec. School steers the ship of knowledge and guides the students in the right direction to provide them the acumen that is needed for the ever-changing world.

We understand the significance of learning and enable each student to use his potentials to optimum levels, and commit to develop knowledge, leadership and other professional skills which are vital for the transformation of the students into worthy citizens.

Our focused attention, excellent teaching and able guidance will provide the students with required knowledge and skills and make them true citizens
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