Affiliated To CBSE New Delhi upto Class XII th

(Science & Commerce Stream)

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Students are encouraged to engage in a wide range of activities important in their overall development. Debates, declamations, group discussions symposia and quiz competitions are held periodically on topics of current international significance, not only to expand awareness of the world outside the school, but also to give the children valuable experience in public speaking.

In order to enjoy the vast outdoors of the picturesque Himalayan mountains, students are taken on frequent hikes(treks) and picnics. Occasionally, a group trip is arranged, stretching over a period of several days, in which places of historical or other interests are visited. The school does not seek permission from parents for such treks and picnics. If the parents/guardians do not wish their ward to participate they must endore this on the Admission form and have it counter signed by the Principal. Cultural activities include folk dancing and singing.

Highly Trained Dedicated and Motivated Faculty is The Backbone and The Top Most Pre-Requisite Of Any Institute To Attains Its Glorious Academic Heights. Our Teaching Team is Headed By Our Principal Who Has Excellent Training in India and Abroad in The Field Of Education.He Has Vast Experience Of Working As Administrator And Principal in Some Of The Most Reputed CBSE Schools in Punjab, Haryana and J&K .This Team Of Highly Trained and Experienced Faculty is Doing is Utmost To Preapare The Students To Attain The Higher and Still Higher Academic Heights. We Are Glad To Inform That in This Academic Year 2015-2016 We Have Recruited Some Finest Teachers To sharpen The Skills Of The Students and To Bring The Best Out Of Thems.

CCTV in Buses For Safety of Students

Tiffin Warmer For Kids

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